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Born in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo.
When I was a high school student, I was a very lazy boy. It was really common to sleep till afternoon and be late for school ( Of course I got up in the morning on weekdays!! Do not misunderstand!!!)
I gave a speech in English when I went to Australia for a school excursion.
I like analytical calculations, but it’s a little bit rare to do so these days. I often simulate something recently.
In the past, I hated computers because they did not calculate as I thought, but I don’t mind nowadays.


My friend has a whiteboard in his house and that led me to make a blackboard.
I like videos on YouTube (PaoPao channel, Pockysweets…and so on ), cook, read mangas… and so on.

Bits of knowledge

I heard that basil is a one-year herbs in Japan.

What kind of blog?

I would like to share my favors and suprising things with you through this blog and they will give you some happiness.
Sometimes they are books, sometimes beauty of nature, my personal simulation results, some tips of my life…
Thank you for your reading (^_^)/

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